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        Publish time 2017-05-19 21:18    

  • Product features

    Yc-900 is developed and developed on the basis of analyzing and integrating the advantages of similar products at home and abroad. It is a kind of health equipment that is easy to operate and suitable for hospitals and families. It also has a practical new type of national patent.

    Working principle

    1, Yc-900 through the electromagnetic field generated, ionizing environment, pulse current massage, warming effect on the human body to adjust, to maintain the overall balance of the body, massage and health purposes.
    2, Yc-900 uses heat, electricity, magnetism and so on many kinds of massage methods, takes many kinds of stereoscopic comprehensive therapies to the patient, integrates magnetic therapy medicine, meridian science, acupuncture point theory, health preserving study, bionics and so on.
    Magic 3, Yc-900, is the human body placed in a full range of bionic human electrostatic and magnetic field (8 magnetic particles), from the beginning of foot acupuncture points, according to the differences of different electromagnetic fields added more effective imitation of human biology, from drug excess burden, caused by Yc-900 on the human metabolism path, from the body of Xie Benyuan, do not take medicine, by biological magnetic field through the human body circulatory system, improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular activity, restore their functions, to regulate the efficacy of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
    4, by foot, directly to the human body the viscera and nerve and blood vessels, comprehensive regulation and prevention in the elderly for intractable diseases.
    5, the ancient Chinese medicine "Yin and Yang", "heaven and man together", "natural balance" and other theories as the starting point, massage the body important mapping points, regulating human immunity, to achieve the purpose of balancing the human environment.