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        Publish time 2017-05-11 14:05    
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    和记娱乐游戏下载-AG和记-和记娱乐 laser function accessories are: multi-function comb 1, detector 2, laser clip 1, laser nose clip 1. By varying the number of combinations of 5 functional annexes, Yuan Chao can produce a sequence of changes in the way health care is applied to similar products. It can relieve the throat, throat, nose, ears, head and other parts of the body, such as pharyngitis, sore throat, otitis media, rhinitis, baldness, seborrheic alopecia, insomnia, arthralgia and other symptoms of joint pain.
    Function principle

    1, 和记娱乐游戏下载-AG和记-和记娱乐 use is safe and reliable, good health care effect, less recurrence; product volume is small and convenient, simple operation, can be used in addition to avoid whenever and wherever possible; drug treatment and operation cost is high, the side effects of defects. The latest 和记娱乐游戏下载-AG和记-和记娱乐 adopts the international safety certification power supply mode. The laser head has more penetrating power, better health care effect, and more environmental protection and energy saving.

    2, 和记娱乐游戏下载-AG和记-和记娱乐 is the use of "soft gold window body wavelength 650nm laser irradiation, the nasal cavity, through sterilization, repair damaged nasal mucosa, improve nasal immunization, in order to alleviate rhinitis, pharyngitis, otitis media, ear nose throat symptoms, attention to more than ten years of Shanghai Yicheng semiconductor laser technology.