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    Source: | Author:medical-100 | Publish time: 1831 days ago | 609 Views | Share:
    With the development of medical technology, more and more laboratory tests have been carried out. It plays an important role in the diagnosis of diseases. Therefore, both doctors and patients pay great attention to the results of laboratory tests.
    In the past, there were few laboratory tests and the results of laboratory tests were usually written in Chinese, such as red blood cells, transaminase, cholesterol, negative, positive and so on. With the spread of computers, hospitals now use computers to print test results. Originally, such a test sheet should be more accurate and clear, so that people can see clearly. However, some hospitals play out of the laboratory, all English and English initials, in addition to the patient's name, not a word, people confused.
    I went to a hospital to do a blood test, the computer's test list lists 18 items, all in English letters, one can not read. Even in the column of the patient's name, also print is "Name", rather than "name" two words.
    With a single test to find my doctor, billing doctor, ask her to give me to interpret the test results. She picked up the test paper and scanned it. "Everything is all right and no problem," she said, pushing me aside to call the next patient. I wonder if she is too much of a bother, or does she not fully understand the contents of the English letters?.
    Come back to take the single laboratory consult a retired doctor, he read carefully, put a few of them English letters with Chinese mark, he did not know most of the rest. On the list of these items, there are platelets and lymphocytes below normal, while hemoglobin is higher than normal, and not without problems.
    Do you have to use the English language for computer printed test sheets? That's not the case. Then I went to another hospital for blood tests, print out the form, is used in both Chinese and English were marked, people understand at a glance.
    Is that the practice of marking all laboratory tests in English for the purpose of being in line with international standards? But, since the service object is mainly Chinese, is not intentionally lets the human not understand. Even if the International Association is much more prevalent, when bilingual, can not abandon the motherland and the full text in english. Moreover, the vast majority of people on the strange or foreign language. If you think that the more people do not understand, the more you show your advanced and smart, but also a lack of people-oriented spirit of performance.