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    The national diabetes education program calls for adults over the age of 2 who are at risk of type 60 diabetes or those who have been pre diabetes to appropriately increase physical activity to prevent diabetes.
    If you're not a physically active person, start with 10 minutes of exercise 5 days a week and gradually increase to 30 minutes. Walking around, even for just a few minutes a day, is a good start for exercise to prevent diabetes. What sports can you do?
    1. warm up exercise: This is a formal exercise preparation, such as shrugging your shoulders, patting your toes, throwing your arms, standing still, etc..
    2. Dancing: dancing can increase strength, energy and exercise. You can join a dance class with your friends, or you can dance to your home without the coach and your radio music.
    3. walk: This is the best way to start exercise. Of course, you need shoes that are suitable for walking and enjoy your walking in the right places, such as shopping malls or community centers.
    4. stretching: you don't have to stretch at special times and places. At home or in your unit, just get up and stretch your legs and arms without causing muscle strain.
    How do you start exercising and enjoy the fun of sports?
    1. throw away the remote control, and switching TV channels. Get up in the ad interval.
    2. can make a phone call while walking inside the house.
    3. park your car away from the mall, the cinema or the office.
    4. you can get off in advance when you take the bus.
    5., you can go to museums, zoos, aquariums or other places where you can exercise with your family.