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    Source: | Author:medical-100 | Publish time: 1869 days ago | 616 Views | Share:
    When people enter puberty, which is thirteen, at the age of four, the blood pressure has been close to adults, such as in a quiet state, blood pressure higher than 140/90 mm Hg, it can be considered a high blood pressure, considered adolescent hypertension.
    Adolescent hypertension is a temporary phenomenon in adolescent development. According to the observation of medical experts, most adolescents suffering from adolescent hypertension have better physical development, and the functions of organs are mostly normal. There is no obvious symptom of mild symptoms. Only when there is excessive exercise or excessive fatigue can there be mild dizziness and lack of fatigue. The blood pressure mainly increased with systolic pressure, reaching l40-150 mmHg, while diastolic pressure was within the normal range.
    Main causes of adolescent hypertension is due to puberty, body each organ system is rapid development, with the development of the heart, heart is greatly improved, but at the moment but vascular development often lags behind the heart, leading to increased blood pressure. In addition, during puberty, the development of endocrine glands increases, the secretion of hormones increases, the excitability of the nervous system increases, and the imbalance of autonomic nervous regulation can lead to increased blood pressure. At the same time, young people in the specific environment for review, because the spirit of high tension, functional disturbance of cerebral cortex, vasomotor center lost normal regulation, caused by the tension of arterioles increased, increased peripheral vascular resistance also increases blood pressure.
    Although adolescence mild hypertension in quite a long period of no symptoms, but it can slowly damage blood vessels in the body, heart, kidney and brain, so many people will be without any discomfort the case of blockage or rupture of blood vessels, heart attack and sudden death. Research shows that people at the age of thirty or forty, in highly stressful situations, with adolescent patients with hypertension onset rate of fatal heart disease, to more than two times higher than normal, therefore, the adolescent hypertension must not let down.
    Because of puberty, hypertension occurs temporarily, and after puberty, the cardiovascular system develops rapidly and tends to balance, and blood pressure returns to normal. Therefore, it is generally not advocated to use antihypertensive drugs prematurely, but it is necessary to establish a healthy and healthy lifestyle so as to make blood pressure return to normal.
    The first is to protect the emotional stability, optimism, anger, sadness, fear, laughter, quarrel and other negative emotions will lead to increased blood pressure; second is to have the law of life, to ensure adequate sleep time, not too late at night; the third is to reasonable diet, eat less fat and high cholesterol foods such as animal oil, roe, can eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and milk, havle, mushrooms and other food, to limit sodium intake, daily use of salt should be controlled at s grams or less; fourth is to quit smoking, not drinking, because smoking can cause vasoconstriction, increased peripheral vascular resistance; the fifth is to insist on physical exercise. Exercise at least half an hour a day, but the amount of exercise should not be too intense. If the above measures are taken, three months later, there is still no improvement or blood pressure continues to rise. Further examination will be required and antihypertensive drugs should be taken under the guidance of the doctor.