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    Source: | Author:pmt5e4f94 | Publish time: 3022 days ago | 557 Views | Share:
    Health is the eternal theme of human being, health is wealth. With the production environment and the two pollution mercilessly engulfing people's health, as people's material life is increasing, what people most expect?
    In the new century, with the improvement of living standards and scientific progress, people more and more profound understanding of human and nature, life and health of the close relationship, eliminate pollution, protect the environment, called green revolution, return to nature. Especially in the city become modernized, people more deeply understand, in the modern city life and work, there are many factors, such as harmful to health: air pollution, noise and electromagnetic radiation, the adverse effects on the body caused by the long term; in the modern office work, coupled with the lack of physical activity caused by "modern civilization diseases". In order to mitigate these adverse effects in many countries in the city, people started using the holiday "into the field", "forest", "go to the seaside, go to the mountains" of the trend, there is human nature to the trend of regression.
    High potential health law is a kind of old and new methods of health care, in order to simulate the reconstruction of nature electric field, a full range of motion energy of the human body static rest energy and dynamic, stimulate human health driving force, electrostatic health law comprehensive adjustment and balance of the body state, this kind of health law, Europe and the United States, Japan, Taiwan and other popular for nearly 30 years.